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Staying Professional at Business Meetings | Padfolio

26 Apr

Padfolios are the smallest type of briefcase, rarely used by the modern business man because most people are complacent around their colleagues and don’t see the need to dress up their appearance or remain professional among the comfort of familiar faces. The padfolio is a great way to stay organized and appear professional.

Dress for success has been a theme on this blog, keeping a padfolio in your larger briefcase is a great way to show up to a meeting looking prepared and organized. The padfolio always has room for additional paperwork, business cards and stationary. Simply replacing your notepad with a padfolio dresses up your appearance and shows that you are serious about your role.

Individuals who want a salary bump or promotion should use a padfolio to stand out from the crowd and show that you know business as well as being presentable to clients.