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Messenger Bags In The Workplace

21 Apr


While mostly dependant with the work environment you are in, the messenger bag is normally considered to be fairly casual and unprofessional. When you find yourself at a business job within the usual business office environment, bringing a messenger handbag will dress down your appearance considerably.

The concern most individuals discuss should not be whether or not a handbag is too casual for work. I think the correct approach is how professional can your briefcase be? The purpose of the briefcase is to compliment your attire and come across as professional to your colleagues and clients. The messenger bag, especially the leather with faded colors, is extremely unprofessional in nature and seldom supplements your appearance when in formal or smart casual attire.


However, for all the messenger bag lovers, I do believe a balance CAN be struck if certain conditions are met. For instance, the Kenneth Cole Reaction line of messenger bags has many shoulder bags which are a good balance of formal and casual. There are three features of a messenger bag that can be used in a work environment with passable professionalism. The strap must be detachable from the bag: dangling a bag from your shoulder, while convenient is considered sloppy and casual. The ability to remove the strap is a definite requirement for dressing up the messenger bag. The top handle is also required, with the removal of the strap; the top handle is required to carry the briefcase in a dignified manner. Not just for functionality, the top handle satisfies the impression that all briefcases have a top handle (attaches,portoflios,etc). Lastly, the color is preferred to be as dark as possible. The darker the leather the more conservative the messenger bag.

Additional reasons the messenger bag inherently projects your appearance as casual is due to the type of people who use it on a daily basis. Messenger bags are predominately used by students, individuals on the move, or people on casual outings. The goal in the corporate environment is to place your best foot forward by dressing and accessorizing appropriately to project professionalism and confidence. Although it’s extremely unlikely your briefcase will trump good performance in the workplace, it will certainly add to your professional image and improve first impressions.

The next time you are at work, look around and see who has a briefcase that looks professional and compliments their appearance. Are you one of those people? Why wouldn’t you get the best briefcase you can afford to push yourself further ahead from colleagues and competition?