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Warning Briefcase Twin Handle Concern

1 May

ta-836_5An important factor to consider when purchasing a briefcase is the design and type of the handle. While it may not seem like a big issue, my personal pet peeve is the twin handle that come together to form a single grip at the top of a briefcase. I find it practically troublesome and inconvenient when getting out of the car or quickly picking up the bag and moving around the office. Let me explain.

The twin handle is very common among briefcaes becasue it is easy manufacture and has some good advantages to the design. The handle on each side allows for easy access through the top of the briefcase with just one zipper. Access is generally pretty quick and easy, especially on the move. This proposed efficiency is further increased when you use a strap over the shoulder, the contents of the bag remain easily accessible. Contrasted with a briefcase that has only a top handle and a flapover cover which cannot be accessed on the move, it is easy to see why it is a common briefcase handle type.

But here is my biggest problem. You need to fish the handle from both sides.

Now this may seem petty, but on most briefcases, the handles are angled off to the side such that you need two hands to gather the handle at the top before you can carry it easily. When you are getting out of the car or need to set the bag down briefly, this minor annoyance builds up, especially when other handle types would solve this problem. It depends greatly on how the two handles are attached to the bags, the worst kind is a hinge that allows the handle to drop all the way down the side for a long reach.

This may not be a dealbreaker for you, but after trying some briefcases that have better functional design, I always consider the briefcase handle when buying.