Choosing The Right Briefcase

23 Apr

181050795178_1I am a strong believer that briefcases should not be impulse purchases. Everyone has different  habits and requirements for their briefcase, even if they don’t immediately recognize it. I fall into this trap myself, falling in love with a briefcase without consideration of the lack of the specific functionality that I require. Lets get into some examples.

One thing you may not consider are the zippers. Certain bags, like the Kenneth Cole Reaction bag we discussed in the previous blog post, has a deep zipper that runs along the edge of the bag. While it is extremely functional, it is sometimes really heard to get that zipper open when you are on the move with only one hand available. Additionally, the track is so long that even if you had both hands, you might have done completely fine with a shorter zipper. This may not be a make it or break it in terms of whether or not the briefcase is usable, but it is definitely something that will cause a bag to not be the perfect bag.

While we are on the topic of this bag, notice the picture and where the straps are connecting. Some people don’t realize that the location of where the strap is fixed onto the bag makes a great difference of the bag balance and swing when on the move. Another difference due to strap point is whether or not the bag can be easily opened when the strap is across your chest or over the shoulder.

aston-top-zipper-briefcase-double-compartment-in-black-pebble-grain~p~5023p_02~1500.3Briefcases that operate with a flap over the top instead of a zipper often make it more difficult to quickly retrieve items from the bag, as the user would need to open the flap and then retrieve it. On the flip side, briefcases that offer the zipper always have two handles instead of one, requiring the user to always grab two handles instead of one.

Certain briefcases have feet at the bottom of the bag, designed to prevent slippage and protect the contents from too much fall damage. Many people forget that the lack of tips on the base may cause bag instability when standing, causing the briefcase to tip over or slide back on a smooth surface.

All the items above may seem like over analysis, but the point is you might not be able to figure out which bag is perfect for you until you try it. I’ve spent quite a bit of money trying out bags and realizing there are some features that I really require. Learn to know your preference by doing some research and paying attention to your habits. I came across a website the other day when I was looking for a review for the Kenneth Cole bag we were discussing. A great way to buy smart is to look through some reviews on briefcases for men, which may help you discover some of the unadvertised benefits or problems with a briefcase before buying it.


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