What A Good Briefcase Does For Your Life

19 Apr

briefcase walking - Google Search - Google Chrome_2013-04-23_18-20-31It surprises me how much people spend on clothes, yet cringe greatly on a briefcase that is a few hundred dollars. Although I’m from a logistics background, it has been painfully obvious to me that spending $150 on a blazer that is worn at MOST 20-30 days a year, is worse of a deal than spending $400 on an extremely high quality blazer that is used over 200 business days a year. I believe that working professionals lose site of the value proposition that a briefcase offers.

Some individuals treat the briefcase as a tool or bag to preform the function of helping them carry things between two locations. Understanding that this would satisfy part of the definition of a briefcase, this definition does not consider the intrinsic benefits of a good briefcase. People buy clothes to make them stand out and look professional at the workplace. I am a strong believer that a briefcase that is always next to you, compliments you far more than the clothes do in the long run. With this understanding that per dollar, a briefcase adds more value to your life, you should appropriately scale your budget for your clothes against your budget for your briefcase.

When you buy a briefcase, you are bringing its lifestyle and identity into your wardrobe. It is important to pick a briefcase that is appropriate for your work environment and requirements. If you require a lot of paperwork, a regular leather briefcase with a laptop already inside probably won’t cut it. Instead most lawyers carry large attaches briefcases for storage while presenting a clean professional appearance.

Not only is a briefcase good value, but it also flies next to “dressing for success”. By buying a briefcase that reflects your dediction, ambition and professionalism you project where you want to be for yourself mentally and others around you. Buying a briefcase that suits your requirements is the first step to get compliments from your colleagues and take your career to the next level.


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